A lizard is in love with a baby crocodile.

10 Sep

In a deep forest, somewhere, somehow.

A lizard is in love with a baby crocodile.
“This is a new thing. Please make sure it’s safe before you fall.” The Snail says.
“You are a lizard, he is a baby crocodile. He’ll eat you alive.” The Bird says.

As a wise man said “It’s useless to give advice to a woman who is in love”

The lizard is falling even deeper with the baby crocodile.
Just the thought of him walking and eating insects,
shivers her alive.

Until one day,
the time has come.
The baby crocodile feels lonely, and decided to look down, way down,
where the lizard waits for weeks.

“Hey, lizard. Why are you so small?” The baby Crocodile opens up a conversation.

“That’s because you are so big. For ants, I’m humongous. You don’t like me being small?” The Lizard asks, secretly wishing he’ll say sweet nothings.

“You are smart. I don’t mind you being small, do you mind me being so tall?”
“No, crocodile. I don’t mind. Everything you do, everything you have, everything you are, I don’t mind.” The Lizard finally opens up.

“Everything I do? You don’t mind?” Baby Crocodile tries to confirm.

“I don’t mind at all.”

There, with the perfect amount of permission the Lizard gives,
the Baby Crocodile swallows her, it took him only 2 seconds.

The Snail, the Bird, and pretty much everyone who hears the news cry like widows. The Lizard is the nicest friend they ever had, but there’s no way they could ever try to kill the baby Crocodile. Lizard’s gone anyway.

The whole place has turned into a mourning space.
Tears are dropping.
All cries for Lizard.

Lizard is smiling happily in the stomach.
Nothing could beats her happiness,
as she finally gets into the body of her Man Muse.

Nothing could take her away from him,
unless she stops moving.

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Posted by on September 10, 2011 in Weirdo Side of Me


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