Become a Wolf for a Day

18 Aug

Human, Part One
I sat in my room,I felt caged by our limited living space, our day-to-day schedule. I glanced at the wolf poster on my wall, the sharp eyes and light gray fur staring back at me. I wish I were a wolf, I thought, then I could be free and wild.
I sat down on my bed and glanced at the alarm clock. Ten O’Clock. Bedtime on school nights, like tonight. I fell asleep, still repeating my wish.

I awoke to a cold air running up my nostrils, my side wet and freezing. What happened? I asked myself as I sat up. I noticed something. Instead of the cream-white walls of my room, there was a rocky cleft beside me. Snow glittered around my paws, browned by the mud.
I’m a wolf! I stood up on my four legs, my thick claws scraping the rocky snow. I felt the snow-mud combo on my pelt. Ugh, how do I get this off? I tried scrathing, but that made my skin itch and the mud smear. I felt a lot of itching overtake my side, spreading through my body. Fleas!
The more I scratched, the more it itched. I began rolling in the snow, desperate to relieve the annoyance. I just got covered in slush.
I left the small area and found other wolves nearby. The other pack members? I guessed. I relized I couldn’t count then. I couldn’t think, my thoughts were clouded by hunger. HUNGER buzzed through my mind, the wolf instinct dominating any thought.
I felt my thought freedom draining slowly as I was narrowed down to preymeat, and hunger.
The rest of the pack slowly woke up, but I barely noticed. I followed them up through a small pine forest, my mind not controlling of the action. I had no idea why, I just followed the others in a mindless trance.
An acrid smell hit my nostrils, and the instictive thought grew to a pounding headache. MEAT! MEAT!MEAT!  screamed inside my mind. I ran towards the smell, the others running along too. I hated the smell, personaly, but I was driven towards it.
It was a mother elk and its child. The tiny human portion left of my body wanted to step up and tell the wolves NO! You’ll starve the child but I couldn’t. The wolf that was I lunged, my teeth bared, grabbing a leg of the baby. The other wolves tore at the mother as it desperately tried to fend for the child.
The young one escaped as the mother fell, dead. The human part was crying and filled with pity for the orphaned elk, which was going to die of infection or hunger slowly and painfully. But, the wolf part lunged into the stomach of the creature, pulling the bleeding, sticky insides out. The human part was now sick, and was telling me to stop. The wolf never stopped, just filled the sick and purely merciless greed to fill its own stomach.
Now the hunger thoughts stopped, and were replaced by cold and thirst.
I followed the rest of the pack, in a zombie-like trance once again. And I thought I was fre… was the human’s last thought before it was obliterated by the instinct. This was horrible, but purely natural.
I spent the rest of the day mindlessly following the others, to a lake, through a forest, and back to the sleeping area. No running, windy freedom. The only thoughts were pure instinct.
I went to sleep with no dreams, no comfortable blanket, and freezing cold despite the sticky and thick coat.

Human Part Two
I woke up warm and comfortable in a soft blanket. My thoughts were mine, and I had complete control of myself. I was hungry, and the horrible mess of a meal yesterday buzzed through my mind. Never again, I thought, never again would I want to be a wolf.
I enjoyed the rest of the day with the wolf-dream haunting me, reminding me of how free and merciful humans are. We don’t mindlessly kill innocent animals causing the children to suffer a slow and horrible death. We don’t brutally tear open our prey and chow down.
We can stop itching with a single lotion.
We can think for ourselves and go wherever we want.
We can do more than just have the same cycle every day.
We are humans, and we are trully free and wonderful.


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4 responses to “Become a Wolf for a Day

  1. Disa Tannos

    August 19, 2011 at 6:45 am

    Keren, Bom. It’s almost like you had been there, just like your zombie story. Tapi menurut gue bagusan kalo ngga dikasih subjudul. Menurut gue loh.

    • bomsq

      August 19, 2011 at 6:59 am

      thank you!

      by the way, yea gue jg merasa kurang di intro nya tuh, jd kayak ada yg kurang diawal cerita hehe

      oia, ajarin bikin blogroll dong, gue cm berhasil yg punyanya supernopha noh +_+

  2. Disa Tannos

    August 19, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Hmm iya jadi ceritanya agak kurang ada konfliknya *anjrit sotoy berat hahahah*

    Blogroll itu ada di menu yg sebelah kiri itu. Ada dashboard, store, posts, media, links.. Nah di links itu ada all links, add new, sama link categories. Ya udah tinggal add new aja, terus masukin linknya (;

    • bomsq

      August 19, 2011 at 7:51 am

      noted.. thanks ya


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