I just live my present and reminisce my past

02 Aug

Sometimes i want to go back to the time when I was younger, when I was a kid. But then i remember how i wanted to hurry things and get older faster when i was younger. *deep sigh-ing*

Thinking about these makes me think that maybe i don’t really know where i want to be or maybe I’m not grateful enough, or maybe these two reasons are connected to each other. err.. i don’t know.

Maybe i should learn how to seize the moment.

It’s hard to live and to observe life itself at the same time. I should learn how to switch the buttons in turns, with the right “beat”.

Well, i have found myself doing it couples of times.

When i do it, i look at my past as photo albums instead of a space that i could reclaim. I don’t compare my past and my present because they each have their own moments and meanings.

Although i would never know the measure of my gratefulness, i just feel warm inside and out knowing that i am enjoying my present.

I just live my present and reminisce my past.


Well, I’d say, i don’t know how would i be able to enjoy my life if i don’t observe closely and count the little blessings. I observe to see the meanings of bad things so i won’t regret it in the future. I observe to find perspective of good things so i can motivate myself to do more.

I don’t know what story would i tell about my life if i keep saying “I wish i had/had been….” to myself.

I don’t know which part of my life should i live in other than the present part.

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Posted by on August 2, 2011 in Weirdo Side of Me


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