I am simply… curious

20 Jul

There was a time where I was content with how my life was going.
Living my days with the usual routine.
Without knowing, without worry; without any knowledge of what really goes on.
No, I am not talking about the things that happen around the world.
Or how goverments work inside those luxury buildings.

I am talking about each individual that walks on this earth.
I am talking about what really goes on through our minds.
In my head, I thought I was more open minded than I truly realized.
Turns out I knew little about these basic laws of life, both in nature and psychologically.
We all know there are unkind souls out there.
But are the ones that are kind, really are as they claim to be?
Perhaps those who are good also possess a darker side.
They are just better at keeping it bottled up than those who are already considered bad.
Eventually that bottle will break, it always happens.
Though for most of them, they manage to get a new one and lock up their dark thoughts before it is out of hand.
We all have a sort of demon inside us, the one where it whispers us selfish thoughts.
Thoughts that are considered inpure.
But we always have another side of us, our good conscious.
Always trying to steer us into the path of right.
Making sure that we do not give in into our inner demon.
The monster that lurks deep within us; waiting for a single moment where we are most vulnerable for it to come out.
What is considered right and wrong?
What side of us is truly ourselves?
I always imagined I was wise on certain subjects.

I have been told it is dangerous to dive this deep into my thoughts.
Ignorance is bliss in times like this.
But all the great thinkers in our history have gone through this.
To question everything.
The world around them.
And life.

No I am not being rude,
I am simply… curious.

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