Random Confessions

21 Apr

Random Confession indeed

~ I need to go read the dictionary or something productive. I need to feel smart

~ I’m claustrophobic beyond the meaning of it. – i don’t like the feeling of being trapped, I’ll start feeling like i can’t breathe.

~ I have been finding it hard to believe in a lot of things lately.

~ I have a crazy obsession with popping bubble wrap, but I’m sure deep down everyone does. xD

~ Sometimes i wish i still had my innocence face *sigh* i really look like a sinner

~ I love the definition of black – the absence of color baby! \m/

~ When i get physically hurt i start laughing – i honestly don’t know why.

~ I used to crawl through my window when i was younger, damn i miss my old house

~ There are a lot of things i did wrong – i only regret a few

~ There are only a handful of people who have seen me at my worst. – they’re still around, i love them for it.

~ Most people think being alone is horrible and sad and blah blah blah. But its comforting sometimes, weird to hear, I know but it really is

~ There are so many times when i wish i was a mind reader – like now for instance

~ I cried when I found out I graduated – damn, still can’t believe that moment :’)

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Posted by on April 21, 2011 in Weirdo Side of Me


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