Buat apa Sekolah?

18 Mar

The question in my head all my senior high years.. Why do I need to go to school?

Here is the thing, on my little brain inside my head.

All the education you need is one click away.

You Tube. Google. Wikipedia. X Tube. You name it..

Belajar biar pinter sotosop kayak Roy sukro?
Belajar design?
Belajar bikin perut rata?


Belajar gaya kamasutra?

All in one click away and you will find any information you need.

Does anyone still need to go to school?

And the Person to be blamed is a drop out.

Mark Zuckerberg is 26 and learned nothing in school.

He has no degree and no need to find a job.

He makes us think there’s no more reason to go to school. And no social life.

Wait a minute, maybe, that’s what school are for. Buat berteman dan cari pacar..?

Wait. Gue gak punya pacar di sekolah. Padahal sudah tiap hari memandang malu semut-semut merah.

Oh… mungkin untuk berteman. Biar gak anti sosial.

Wait. Gue punya temen gak ya di sekolah?

Jadi untuk apa sekolah?

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Posted by on March 18, 2011 in Weirdo Side of Me


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