7 Things I love about Teaching

17 Mar

7 Things I love about Teaching. ( FYI, I was a teacher for Homeschooling Kak Seto )

1.pagi-pagi disapa anak-anak kecil unyu,, uughh I love kids ( but I think they afraid with me *sigh* )

2.kerja 900 menit seminggu dibayar cukup hidup seminggu. sisanya hahahihi.

3.kerja tanpa mengganggu kuliah serta bisnis EO pun lancar jaya

4.bisa curi-curi energi dari berondong-berondong lugu penuh ide segar.

5.bisa nonton DVD ato main game sembari ngajar

6.bisa jualan!

7. I learn more on each day



and of coure it was happened when I was on college years and teached for Homeschooling KakSeto.

damn now I really miss my students, my special unique students


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