Love me for who I am

17 Mar

What is my greatest love?

To me, Love is the highest form of fear. By understanding what you love the most, you will know what you fear most.

In a not chronological order, what do I love most?


It’s a love and hate relationship, actually.

I love myself when I’m surprised by the great things I thought I would never do. Misalnya: ga peduli duit, mendadak jadi MC, jadi ketua sebuah organisasi (apapun itu), dll.

But I still know my darkest side. And it’s not a side I am proud of. Misalnya:  ngomong ga mikir, ga suka liat orang senang, suka iseng, lebay, over sensi dan hal-hal memalukan lain yang harus gue waspadai muncul di pojok-pojok hati dan siap menguasai jalan pikiran dan tindakan.

But still, I love myself.

So if I love myself that much, what am I afraid of?

That I love myself too much.



My parent.

Walaupun norak dan kolot tentunya, I think they did the best job they knew how to do.

I just can’t stand people bitching about my parent, even when they are my relatives.

So what am I afraid of?

Gue takut kalau mereka meninggal, mereka belum gue bahagiain. Belum liat gue kawin. Belum liat anak gue.

Buat emak gue, beliau pengen banget naik Haji, aarrgh bisa ga ya gue wujudin? setidaknya bantuin secara finansial

Buat si Babeh, gue ga pernah akur kur kur sama beliau, yeah I think there’s only one way to make Him happy is being an succesful man.


Damn. That’s tough.


My friends.

Sahabat datang dan pergi. Yang mengkhianati, so far belum ada.

So if I love my friends that much, what am I afraid of?

Takut mereka berubah?

Everybody changes. Yang once upon a time in school gue sangka akan terus bersahabat pun berubah. But I still love my firends.

At least the memory of them.

Takut mereka tersinggung?

Maybe. I have a talent for hurting people feelings.

I just can’t stand the comfortable silence that true friends supposed to have.

My Space

Gue gak bisa tinggal sekamar ama orang. Tapi mungkin nanti kalo udah nikah gue baru bisa berbagi ruang dengan pasangan.
But if I love my space that much, why do I have facebook and twitter?

Krik krik krik…

What am I afraid of?

Gue takut end up sendirian.

Should I take anyone available?

Don’t. It’s your fear dictating your judgement.

There are only 2 reasons in life. Either you are chasing something or you are running away from something.

Gak ada alasan lain.

If you do it because of love, that’s the right way. If you do it because of fear, that’s the wrong way.

So let’s go there where your love take you.

But isn’t fear another form of love?


So, Love me for who I am

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