The Dark Side of Me

25 Jan

I am dark and can be very evil minded

Some people just laugh and say I am nothing like that

That I am not dark nor evil

What could those fools possibly understand?

I do have an inner dark power burning inside of me

My blood lust is out of control

Sometimes I just want to scream and kill

I am scared of myself

The thoughts I have can be so dark, so cruel

That I cannot believe I love them

Yet what can I do to stop these feelings?

Nothing, that’s just it

I don’t know how to turn it off

I am that I am

And nothing seems to be able to change it

But I do not care

I love what I am and no one can take that from me

I may scare myself with thoughts of what I’d like to do to people,

I may scare others with my sudden outbursts of anger and hatred

But I cannot stop myself

Am I losing my mind? I don’t know

No one can ever tell if they are because they think it’s normal

Only when other people think you have

And you feel something could it be true

No one can just say you are insane

Sometimes I suffer from it, sometimes I enjoy my deep insanity

All I can do is pray that I will not actually hurt anyone I care about

But all the same, in one way or another, I have

So what can be done about this growing dark desire?

Nothing. I have already tried to fight it,

Now I embrace the power and it feels so good.

But will I lose my very heart and soul in the process?

I simply do not know

All I do know,

Is that it won’t stop

But then, do I really want it to?

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Posted by on January 25, 2011 in Weirdo Side of Me


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